Discover the beautiful island of Mykonos!

Mykonos belongs to the insular complex of Cyclades. It has been – justifiably – characterized as the most cosmopolitan Aegean island. The wild nights full of entertainment have made Mykonos famous all around the world.
Geographically, Mykonos lies between Tinos and Naxos, almost in the center of Cyclades. The whitewashed houses, the cobblestone paths and the endless beaches offer moments of complete relaxation to all visitors.

 Thousands of people visit Mykonos every summer in order to enjoy the famous nightlife and the magnificent beaches of this unique A walk around the narrow paths of Mykons impresses every visitor.
Apart from the traditional houses of the settlement you will find many boutiques and other shops to enjoy shopping. Mykonos has many luxurious hotel complexes, villas and studios that promise an unforgettable accommodation.